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  • Heat Trace Cable Sanew Cable offers heat trace cable, or heat trace cable, which is made of a run of high-resistance wire, insulated and often enclosed in a protective jacket. It is powered at a specific voltage and the resistance of the wire creates heat.
    Heat trace cable can be used for freeze protection, ramp and stair snow/ice protection, gulley and roof snow/ice protection, under floor heating, door/frame interface ice protection ...
  • PUR Cable, PVC Flexible Cable Sanew Cable Polyurethane cable, or shortly PUR cable, can handle temperatures up to 80º Celsius and is a good general purpose cable. It is flexible in cold weather and resistant to abrasion, adhesion-free, and resistant to mineral oils and grease, as well as chemical substances. It is used for the apparatus connection for high mechanical stress and the cables are particularly suited for control devices. These flexible control cables are designed for use in harsh environments and may be used wherever abrasion ...
  • Corrosion and Oil Resistant Cable Sanew Cable corrosion and oil resistance wire products include silicone rubber insulated cable, PUR cable and TEFLON cable. silicone rubber insulated cable has outstanding resistance to heat, ozone, moisture, and chemicals. PUR cable may be used wherever abrasion, oil and chemical resistance are required.
    PTFE, ETFE, FEB and PFA cables are impervious to all fuels, oils, solvents, and acids, and are also abrasion resistant, heat resistant, fire resistant, chemical resistant, non-flammable...
  • Signal Cable Sanew Cable manufactures the signal cable used in the cabling of sensors and the control cables used in transmitting control signals on a customer-specific basis. We can supply according to UL, CE or other standards on request. Whether halogen-free, resistant to UV or oil, flame-retardant, or heat-resistant up to 250 ℃, with Sanew Cable signal cable and control cable products you can be certain that your signals will be transmitted one-to-one.
  • Computer Cable Sanew Cable computer cables come in different designs, including multi-conductor, multi-paired, and low capacitance. Foil shields or foil/braid shields are also used on our computer cables to ensure great electrical performance. We can provide twisted pair network cabling, communications and public address system wire, industrial equipment control wire, etc.
    Common applications for computer cables include Ethernet, voice, and networking ....
  • Cross Linked Insulated Cable The cross linked insulated cable refers to a cable insulated with a cross-linked polyethylene layer is described, because of insulated material, as cross linked. Even if voltage is applied at high temperatures, the breakdown voltage of the cross linked insulated cable can be maintained at a high level.
  • Armored Cable The outer sheathing of steel armored cable is made of a steel strip that is wound in a spiral, creating a continuous tube. Steel armored cable was often used in places where a non-metallic sheathed cable might be easily damaged.
  • PE Jacket Cable PE jacket cable was found to have better insulating properties and to give excellent protection from shovel abuse and rock penetration. Because of its much higher resistance, PE wire insulation will be less likely to be damaged by lightning and its associated high voltage.
  • H05RN-F 2 to 5 Cores Flexible CableThe 2 to 5 cores flexible cable is an ideal product for the power supply of mobile or semi-mobile indoor or outdoor appliances submitted to low mechanical stress including the household portable electric tools. It is especially suitable for the stripping force on automatic machines due to its good performance with casual oil or grease contact ...
  • H07RN-F All-weather, Rubber & Welding CableThe H07RN-F all-weather, rubber & welding cable is one of the heavy duty rubber-outer jacket flexible cable suited for use at medium mechanical stress in dry, damp and wet areas as well as in open air and in agriculture plants. It is applicable for the equipment in boilers, heating plates, hand lamps, electric tools like drills, circular saws and tools for home use as well as for transportable motors or machines at site.
  • PVC Cable Sanew Cable's range of top quality PVC cable is extremely versatile and caters to a variety of requirements. Our PVC cable range includes a diverse array of cables from PVC insulated Tri-rated, and for panel wiring, to PVC insulated and sheathed cables for general light duty domestic wiring. Other PVC cables include those for DC power supplies and Elevator/Flatform cable for use in conveyor and hoist equipment.
  • THHN Nylon Covering Cable The THHN or THWN nylon covering power cable is recommended for use in branch circuits, feeders, machine tool wires and appliance wires. Thanks to the bare or stranded copper conductor, PVC insulation and nylon covering, it performs good resistance to electrics, mechanics and flame as well as the oil and gasoline. It is rated at 90℃ in dry locations and 75℃ ...
  • Flame Retardant Cable Sanew Cable flame retardant wires and cables are successfully used in many applications in foundries and steel-mills, glass production, the chemical industry and in the military field. Sanew Cable product is also used in areas where, in the event of a fire, all types of vital equipment need to remain operational. The excellent fire performance of the cable allows extra time for equipment to be saved or shut down, limiting unnecessary damage.
  • Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable Low smoke zero halogen cable reduces the amount of toxic and corrosive gas emitted during combustion. This type of material is typically used in poorly ventilated areas such as aircraft or rail cars. Low smoke zero halogen cable is becoming very popular and, in some cases, a requirement where the protection of people and equipment from toxic and corrosive gas is critical. It is often lighter, so overall cable network system weights can be reduced. The environmental impact of halogen free cable can ...
  • Elevator Traveling Cable Sanew Cable is your source for elevator traveling cable, hoistway cable and compensating cable, as well as wire rope.
    In addition to elevator traveling cable, Sanew Cable can also supply other types of trailing cables used to control and supply power to large cargo handling machines such as stackers, cranes, and reclaimers. Sanew Cable elevator cables with PVC insulation and sheaths are used for elevators in low to high-rise buildings.
  • Cable and Wire AccessoriesSanew Cable is a supplier of cable sleeve and wire sleeve solutions and related products for the management and protection of wires, cables and hoses. Our products are used in many areas for computer network cable management installations. With a large selection of products in the cable industry, Sanew Cable is truly the first choice for any cable sleeve and wire sleeve solution.

China Sanew Cable Company Ltd. is a China cable manufacturer. Our cable and wire products include high temperature cable, low temperature cable, high voltage wire cable, UL cable, corrosion resistant wire, oil resistant wire, and more. They are not only applied to electrical apparatus industry, machinery and power generation industries but also applied to aviation, subway, steel making, and more industries. They are extensively used for power transmission and signal transmission in high buildings, public areas and the renewal of the electrical appliance as well.

At Sanew Cable Company, producing high quality products is a priority. Our high temperature cable, low temperature cable, high voltage wire cable, and other products are UL, CE, UKAS, and ROHS certified. The exceptional quality of our cable products and our good reputation in the power cable industry are a direct result of the efforts of our skilled and experienced team of engineers. We at Sanew also utilize advanced production technologies and a comprehensive enterprise management system, in addition to providing complete customer service. All our manufacturing procedures are performed according to the ISO9001:2000 standard. In order to stay current in our industry, we have acquired the most up-to-date cable production and testing equipment from renowned and reliable cable equipment manufacturers. Furthermore, in order to meet our clients' industry and environmental standards, our high temperature cable, low temperature cable, high voltage wire cable, and other products are outstanding in their ability to withstand extreme heat, moisture, and molten material splash. They are also highly resistant to mechanical and physical abuse. To ensure the unsurpassed quality of our cable and wire products, we thoroughly inspect all raw materials and semi-products using chemical testing, tension testing, bending testing, and mechanical testing. In addition, in conjunction with our in-house engineering and design team, we provide solutions for our customers with products made to their exact specifications. At Sanew, we have the capacity to manufacture custom designs, small runs, and prototypes that other manufacturers simply do not.

Founded in 2002, Sanew Cable Company is located in Beijing, the capital city of China. This prime location provides us with convenient transportation options, enabling us to reduce our transportation costs as well as those of our clients. This location also allows us instant access to information regarding cable and wire industry trends. Therefore, we can make improvements on our high temperature cable, UL cable, industrial control cable, silicone rubber insulated cable, fiberglass cable, and other products according to the market demand and our clients' feedback. Our location in Beijing also provides us with many easy transportation options so that we can export our products to places like the United States, Britain, Italy, Russia, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Thailand, and other countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.